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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion


A couple of questions for the Higher Speed Ethernet Need in the  
server market:

1) Application: 40GE vsus 4x10G LAG:
What application(s) do think will require a 40GE single pipe and can  
not be addressed by 4x 10GE LAG?
Few people mentioned already that 4x LAG was manageable.
My understanding is high end server are going multi-core/multi-CPI, I  
would imagine that
Network IOs (flows) would fit well within the 4x 10GE model.

2) Relative cost:
What is the expected relative cost vsus 10GE ports (or 4x 10GE LAG)?
and in what time frame? Given that the idea is the 40GE  will fill  
the gap
between 10G and 100G for servers (say between 2010-2015?).