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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion

Marcus and Others

I like to present another point of view in support of 40 Gig MAC.
We currently have the following option on the backplane side
    - KX-4 (XAUI) 10Gig
    - KR (1 lane ) 10Gig
The natural next step for backplane Ethernet will be to operate KX-4 
lanes at 10.3125 Gbaud.
Regardless of what decision we make in the HSSG 40Gig MAC will exist for 
the backplane.

Assuming we will define the 40Gig MAC sooner or later then allowing 40 
for front panel becomes even more compelling, specially when 100Gig is 
overkill for these
applications in near term.  If we define 40Gig MAC in the HSSG then 
defining 40Gig
backplane becomes travail.



Marcus Duelk wrote:
> Hi,
> I think it was common sense at the last meeting that the
> rate that service providers and IXPs are looking for is 100 GbE.
> The discussion about 40 GbE is for the *server market*, the
> classical LAN application of Ethernet. In the network space you
> have already OTU3 and OC-768c PoS, so there is not much
> need for another 40G Ethernet interface.
> Also, my personal opinion is regarding "broad market potential"
> that there will be more networks or network types that require
> 100 GbE, however in terms of volumes I could imagine that a 40GbE
> interface for servers will actually produce more volumes, even though
> it is only one type of network.
> Marcus
> Toshinori Ishii wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm another IXP network engineer.
>> 2007/4/5, Henk Steenman <>:
>>> Back to 40GE: scaling link aggregation using 10GE for another 3 years
>>> will be very hard. The use of 40GE might be of help here if it would
>>> allow for standardized products to become available say second half
>>> of 2008.
>>> QUESTION: Is there a way to expedite the standardization process (and
>>> subsequent product development) of a 40GE standard? Within or outside
>>> of the IEEE?
>>> If the answer to the above is "no" then I would say lets not spend any
>>> time on anything other than 100GE so no delay is introduced in the
>>> development of this standard and get it finished as soon as possible.
>> Agree.
>> I need 100GE ASAP.

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