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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion

These would fall under "proprietary extensions" to either L2 or IP protocols
provided by many NIC server vendors as value add. Such methods are described
on their web sites or in literature. More standard methods would be based on
dual homing or spanning tree.

I would point to redundant switch fabrics in blade servers as a proof point
for redundant server connectivity in the market.

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From: "Geoff Thompson" <>
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Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 16:41
Subject: Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion

> Myles-
> And what standard would those redundant links be using?
> Geoff Thompson
> At 01:34 PM 4/5/2007 , Myles Kimmitt wrote:
> >Shimon,
> >One of the advantages of multiple 10G links on servers is redundant
> >active-active connections to two aggregation switches in the data center.
> >This would be prevalent in the high end servers the 40G links target.
> >Would you propose two 40G links/server? That would shift the economics
> >substantially.
> >Thanks,
> >Myles