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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion

>To date, the only optical PMD that has been mentioned as required for
>the 40GE application is ~100m OM3 MMF reach, which leads to a 4x10G
>single 12-ribbon MPO cable approach, as detailed by Matt Traverso in his
>email. I am copying Shimon Muller's Aril 3 email to the reflector, which
>re-iterates this point. 


>As mentioned the 100GE ~100m OM3 reach optical specification that will
>be standardized, could be directly used for a 40GE ~100m OM3 reach. Even
>if the IEEE does not adopt a 40GE PMD, 4x10G ribbon fiber optical module
>implementations (like QSFP) can still reference the future 100GE ~100m
>OM3 specification, and have a standardized, public, interoperable
>optical link budget.

Correct again.

Which means, whether you want it or not, you WILL define a 40-GE PMD
for the server market. And that's the beauty of it.

The only thing that's missing for a 40-GE standard is a MAC running at
40Gb/s, which is why we are still having this conversation.