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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion

Gentle People:

    Two thoughts on the preceding thread relative to 40Gig

1) "Value of marketing slide presentations, don't automatically
accept them as true": Personally I place very little value on the
content of marketing slide presentations. In essence just because
something  is stated to be true in one or several marketing slide
presentations dose not make it true! Looking back over 25 years
of engineering and 30 years of investing I have seen a plethora
of fairly ridiculous claims made in full color power point presentations.
Also keep in mind that it is common for a professionally organized
advocacy groups to pack the agenda with presentations supporting
their point.

2) "Value Equation" or "What the customer wants versus what he
will buy" The customer will buy a product if:
   a) He has an application whose requirements can be reasonably
       be met by the product solution.
   b) The product is available is reasonable volume in a reasonable
        time frame.
   c) The customer finds the value equation acceptable: Dose the
       product deliver sufficient perceived value relative to the product

   The bottom line here is that if 40 Gig solutions become available in
volume over the next few years, which are perceived to provide good
customer value, they will be adopted by the customer! I giggle when
I hear statements like "We would never buy a 40 Gig solution"! Why?
Because I know that the CFO will override the desires of engineering
and buy the 40 Gig solution if it is cheaper. So there you have it 40 Gig
guys,  just focus on schedule and value and you will succeed!

Thomas Dineen