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Re: [HSSG] Market Validation Comments

On Sat, 7 Apr 2007, Bruce Tolley wrote:

> about such technologies as 10GBASE-LX4, WAN PHY, and 10GBASE-ER most of
> which did not bear much tangible fruit in terms of POs signed by
> customers much to the dismay of the companies who invested in such
> technologies.

Perhaps initially, but WAN PHY and 10GBASE-ER is being used widely today 
and have for 1-2 years. WAN PHY was (imho) hindered by there not being any 
practical implmentation of it until 2005 or so. 10GBASE-ER was also 
hindered by limited availability, but now both technologies are in wide 
use. So yes, short term they might not have been successful but that was 
also caused by vendors not knowing what to charge for it. Some thought WAN 
PHY would compete with their POS business, and wanted to price it half-way 
between POS and 10GE LAN PHY, which of course is not good if you want 
volume. Nowadays there are vendors that charge no premium for WAN PHY at 

So both WAN PHY and 10GBASE-ER are extremely usable technologies and we 
would have been at a great loss if they weren't available today.

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