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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion

>   The bottom line here is that if 40 Gig solutions become available in
> volume over the next few years, which are perceived to provide good
> customer value, they will be adopted by the customer! I giggle when
> I hear statements like "We would never buy a 40 Gig solution"! Why?
> Because I know that the CFO will override the desires of engineering
> and buy the 40 Gig solution if it is cheaper.


If there is a choice between a cheap and a more expensive solution
to solve a specific issue I think everyone would choose the cheap
solution (though there is more to this than just the price of the
port). The problem with 40G however is that it is *not* a solution
for the 2009 and beyond timeframe. At least not in the network and
server aggregation arena. As has been pointed out by several "end
users" by now, even 100GE is expected to be used in LAG configurations
by then.
As for the server market, there has still not been a single end
user who stood up and claimed that 40GE would be a desirable interface

  - Henk Steenman