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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion


Market adoption is the function of power, size, cost, and availability.  
Any solution
which increases dramatically power consumption of a port or reduce total 
face plate
data capacity will face market adoption.  I like to put out what is 
possible currently with
    - 1W PD for SR (300 m) and LR (10 km) reach
    - 48 ports of 10Gig on a 1U height chassis
The 40G and 100G solution should be benchmark against these target, 
unless they can
offer power and density advantage their market adaptation will be 

I know there is readily available solution based on QSFP that could do
40G copper with twin-ax cables.  Copper solution are very attractive for 
sub-10m as
they offer order of magnitude cost advantage.  Longer reach cable not as 
attractive as
you have to use heavier gage which increase the cable size, weight, 
cost, and the complexity of
receiver increases.


Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Apr 2007, Paul Kolesar wrote:
>> If this relationship is true and from what I know of such things, 
>> then the
>> cost to the end user of an installed, tested, warranted, typical-length,
>> 12-fiber, MM structured cabling link, consisting of a cable 
>> terminated at
> Could you please do a comparison relating to 10GBASE-T as well?
> I do believe volume takes off when there is a copper alternative (due 
> to lower cost both for cabling and equipment), I am interested in how 
> this would relate in cost to a 40G fiber alternative, and/or if there 
> is a proposed 40G copper variant.

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