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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion

On Tue, 10 Apr 2007, Ali Ghiasi wrote:

> I know there is readily available solution based on QSFP that could do 
> 40G copper with twin-ax cables.  Copper solution are very attractive for 
> sub-10m as they offer order of magnitude cost advantage.  Longer reach 
> cable not as attractive as you have to use heavier gage which increase 
> the cable size, weight, cost, and the complexity of receiver increases.

Well, my idea was to compare 4*10GE LAG and whatever 40GE solution is 
being proposed. I understand now I should have written this outright, 

My thoughts were that operational cost and CAPEX of doing 4*10GE LAG using 
10GBASE-T for servers would be quite a lot lower than any new proposed 
40GE solution, since I only saw coaxial and fiber proposed for 40GE 
physical media.

Or have I misunderstood 10GBASE-T when it comes to power and reach (100M 
over CAT7 or ~50 on CAT6)? Does it require a lot more power than fiber 
based solution?

From a pure end-user perspective CAT6-7 based cabling has the lowest 
operational cost (physical only) since it's abundant and there is a lot of 
experience with that kind of cabling. But perhaps it uses a lot more power 
than the other proposed solutions for 40GE?

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