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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion

On Tue, 10 Apr 2007, Bill Woodruff wrote:

> The 10GBASE-T PHY supplier community will be aggressively driving power 
> lower, from a baseline of growing volumes.  If your desire is to see a 
> copper interconnect that works with structured cabling of more than 10 
> to 20m, and a cross-connect model with patch panels, then LAG with four 
> 10GBASE-T links is a viable and available choice.
> The definition of 'acceptable' for any 40G solution need to be in the
> context of the interconnect requirements, the target platform, and the
> full chip set in that platform.  I'm sure this community can identify an
> optimized 40GE solution, with 4X 10GBASE-T LAG as a existing option for
> comparison.

What I'm getting at is also if there is a possibility to instead of doing 
LAG, bundle four 10GBASE-T into a single 40G connection, ie doing this 
multi-lane to leverage the development already done on the PHYs (please 
correct me if I'm using the wrong terminology here).

So basically what I'm getting at, can 4 10GBASE-T be turned into a single 
40G connection (not using LAG but something more close to what PPP 

This would mean that any requirement for 40G could be satisfied by MUXing 
4 10GE WANPHY into a single OC768, or 4*10GBASE-T.

This would not be LAG (as LAG for me is doing per-flow load balancing) but 
something done closer to the PHY (the same way XENPAK uses four XAUI).

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