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Re: [HSSG] Data Centre Cabling Lengths

Please see HSSG presentation: Market potential for 100 GbE copper (
for an illustration of the Intra/Inter rack/cabinet applications that Hugh is describing. Distances for High performance computing interconnects (HPC) 
are also referred to in the presentation (Hugh describes as loose cables).
In addition see HSSG presentation: Server Form Factors & Physical Networking
( slide 3 illustrating rack/cabinet application distances
for "rack server" and "blade server" consistent with the up to 10 meters copper objective. 
In a message dated 4/20/2007 2:35:46 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, hbarrass@CISCO.COM writes:

The survey covers "installed" cable, it doesn't cover patch cords and
equipment cables. The connections to a top of rack switch (or to a top
of rack patch panel) are not included. The copper PMD objective will
cover the connections that you describe and other connections that are
currently made by using "loose" cables.

I hope that's clear.


Matt Traverso wrote:

> Alan & Data Center Experts,
> When I re-read these charts, it seems to suggest that the "up to 10m"
> market is zero.  Is the "interconnect" between 1RU server to "top of
> rack" switch application segment not included in this survey?  Is it
> because this is a horizontal cabling survey?
> I don't understand.  Could someone please address especially with
> regards to the Cu PMD objective?

See what's free at