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[HSSG] Resend - Call for Presentations - May HSSG Interim

All – The following is a resend, due to a wrapping problem.


Dear HSSG Members,

The HSSG will be holding an interim meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. Meeting details may be found at

If you have not done so already, please make sure you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.

The HSSG will meet Monday afternoon, all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday morning (May 28 – 31).

The record of plan has been to bring a PAR forward at the July 2007 Plenary. At the April Interim the HSSG resolved the 40km and Cu objectives, which were adopted and added to PAR A. We did not resolve the 40G MAC rate objective proposal. If a 40G MAC rate objective is added, we then need to decide whether it would be added to PAR A or a new PAR. Project documentation for the appropriate PAR(s) then needs to be completed and adopted. Once we have done this, we will need a motion from the SG to forward the PAR(s), 5 Criteria, and objectives to 802.3 for consideration at the July Plenary. Assuming the HSSG will be moving forward in July, we need to spend time focusing on the tutorial session for July.

Therefore presentations should address the following areas:

1. 40G MAC Rate

Our action plan from the March plenary for 40G included the following-

§ 40G MAC Rate

q Add as an objective?

q Economic feasibility

q Broad market potential

q What pmds?

In addition at the April meeting, Howard Frazier created a list of 40G issues. See

2. 40km SMF Reach Objective / Cu Reach Objective

§    Economic Feasibility (as part of the 5 criteria)

§     Technical Feasibility (as part of the 5 criteria)


Anyone wishing to present, please submit your request per the guidelines that may be found at the Procedure for Presenters web page:

Presentations should be kept to 20 minutes in duration, excluding time for questions and answers. Requests for presentation time greater than 20 minutes will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the requestor should contact the chair prior to making the request to justify the additional time.

Presentation requests and materials are due to me by Tuesday May 22.  Presentations should be mailed to me at  To assist in meeting planning earlier requests and / or submissions are appreciated.  As a reminder, please make sure that all requests for presentations or submissions of presentation material have no restrictive notices at the bottom of the email.  All such emails will be refused.


I look forward to seeing everyone in Geneva


Thank you,


John D’Ambrosia

Chair, IEEE 802.3 Higher Speed Study Group


Tel           717.460.8535