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Re: [HSSG] In support of Med Belhadj's proposal

Hi Med,
I am in support of your proposal to move the HSSG efforts forward.  The 40G and 100G markets are indeed distinct from each other and thus have differing requirements.  The attempt to lump these differing requirements into a single project has been futile and they should therefore be individually justified on their own merits.  I think that each contingent has justified their respective markets and that the work going forward to generate a PAR and 5 criteria for each proposal individually should be minimal.

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Med Belhadj wrote:

I agree that we need to find a way to move forward.
In the spirit of trying to find a common ground I attached
the following proposal. 

Comments constructive (or otherwise) are welcome ;).

On 1-Jun-07, at 6:40 AM, Marcus Duelk wrote:

Hi Chris,

thanks for your email. I agree that only a constructive discussion
will move us forward. 

I personally find it a pity that the HSSG could not agree on accepting
Howard's motion since the *technical concerns* that many of us had
regarding transport compatibility would have been addressed. 

My personal impression is that those who voted 'NO' on that motion
still have other types of concerns such as investment costs into both 40G
and 100G, or the possible negative impact of 40G on 100G. I hope that
these can be somehow addressed at the July meeting.

Again, my impression is that the technical concerns regarding 40 GbE
have been taken care of.


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