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Re: [HSSG] July session/NERSC tour

Hi Bent; 

I think this is slightly different from the CERN tour, which I missed last week. NERSC tour may be the real oppty to let everyone observe/realize how badly the 100g is immediately needed for aggregation, as I recall Mike's talk of end-users' perspective below:

I agree this tour better not conflict with the group discussion, so take lunch break or between meeting times, but I personally believe definitely a nice thing to have. 


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From: Brent Draney [mailto:brdraney@NERSC.GOV]
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2007 11:04 AM
Subject: Re: [HSSG] July session/NERSC tour

As has been correctly pointed out, the purpose of IEEE is to perform
very important tasks and an offer for a Tour is outside the scope
of HSSG.  For anyone that wishes to visit NERSC, please contact me
and I will arrange a time that does not conflict with the important
work of HSSG at the July Plenary (before, after, and after hours).

Thank You,

> John,
> I'm sorry to see that things are getting bogged down.  I hope that
> July goes better.  I was wondering how the CERN tour went and if 
> you thought that a tour of the NERSC computational center would
> be an interesting event.  NERSC is only a 20 minute bart ride away.
> We can do multiple tours of groups around 20.  Sign-in is little
> more than a name on a paper badge.  Because we are strictly
> unclassified cameras are encouraged.  It would be an opportunity 
> to see some of the biggest computers on the Internet.
> Let me know if you think this would be worth while.
> Thanks,
> Brent Draney
> PS: Let me know if you think of any way I can help reach consensus.
> > Dear Members of the HSSG,
> > 
> > Given the events of last week, as an 802.3 Study Group, we now find
> > ourselves in a precarious position.
> > 
> > With the failure to get a PAR / 5 criteria approved at last week's
> > interim meeting, we must now worry about gaining approvals for extension
> > of the study group life.  At this point the SG has been given two
> > extensions.  The third extension in July was intended to cover the SG
> > while the PAR / 5 Criteria went through the cycle of approval at 802EC,
> > NesCom, and the IEEE-SA Standards Board.  As the situation now is, the
> > third extension is needed to extend the lift of the SG, and a fourth
> > extension would be requested at the November meeting to cover the
> > approval process at 802EC, NesCom, and the IEEE-SA Standards Board in
> > the November / December timeframe.  It is unprecedented for a SG to get
> > four extensions, and at the last meeting, a number of individuals were
> > already speaking against a third extension if no forward progress was
> > made by the SG by the end of the July meeting.  
> > 
> > I will be pushing for the SG to finalize and approve its recommendations
> > regarding PAR(S) and respective 5 Criteria responses at the July
> > meeting.  Assuming the SG can progress this far, we can then present
> > these recommendations to the 802.3 Working Group for approval at the
> > July Plenary.  This would then allow us to pre-submit the SG
> > recommendations to the 802 EC in July for consideration at the November
> > meeting, which would help strengthen the SG's requests for extensions at
> > the July and November meetings.  
> > 
> > Please keep this in mind between now and the July Plenary.  The ability
> > of this study group to reach consensus regarding a PAR or PARs on the
> > 40G / 100G issue will be dependent upon its members.  All must work
> > together to drive towards a consensus position or the future of this
> > group is clearly in doubt.  
> > 
> > John D'Ambrosia
> > 
> > Chair, IEEE 802.3 Higher Speed Study Group
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