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Re: [HSSG] The Path Forward

Hi all,

John DAmbrosia wrote:
> Dear Members of the HSSG,
> Given the events of last week, as an 802.3 Study Group, we now find
> ourselves in a precarious position.

I am deeply concerned about the state of the HSSG.  I don't think anyone
can reasonably say that the Broad Market Potential for 100GE is in
question.  Early adopters will include a broad range of entities,
including government funded research institutions, Internet exchanges,
long-haul carriers, broadband providers, search engines, hosting
providers and media companies.  This is not a niche market.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that a wide-ranging group of interests
has said that there is a pressing need 100GE as soon as it can be built.
If there is a group of people that need 40GE, they should build it -
but please, please, let us not delay 100GE any further.  A lot of people
need this.  Let us make whatever peace we need to make and move forward.
Time is wasting.

Thank you all for your continued good work,


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