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Re: [HSSG] 40G & 100G

Title: 40G & 100G
I share the similar with you. I'd like to see the 100g move forward in HSSG, so the study group effort so far is not going to waste even more. And I am also equally in favor of the 40g needs, which I believe in its broad market potential and we will try hard to make money from it. 
What I feel inappropriate is to have two "potentially" competitive rates to work in the same project to address two obviously distinct but equally important market needs in response to different market reqs and market window. 
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From: Brad Booth []
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2007 3:12 PM
Subject: [HSSG] 40G & 100G

Dear HSSG Members,

A few individuals commented to me during and after the interim meeting that they felt I was opposed to 40G.

I'd like to apologize if that is the impression that I gave.

To clarify, I'm not opposed to 40G, but I am opposed to it being part of a 100G effort.  I believe that 40G and 100G need to be separate projects.  Why?  Because the market requirements and market windows for the projects are very different. 

I believe that if the two speeds were standardized at the same time that we would be forcing the market to make a choice of one over the other.  How do the companies we work for hedge their bets?  Do we invest in 40G or 100G?  How do we explain the need for two speeds arriving at the same time?

In my humble opinion, I believe that 40G needs to be completed at least a year ahead of 100G to have a viable market window.  Given the concepts being presented for 40G, I see the project as much simpler in scope than 100G and could honestly meet that requirement.

I seriously hope that the HSSG can make forward progress in July, but (and there always is one) we need to make good choices.  Let's not sacrifice the forward progress that our customers want to see from us.