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Re: [HSSG] July Plenary Hotel Status

Do I assume correctly that your request to send to the reflector is only for cases where the individual is told the hotel is sold out on a given date (not that the room block is sold out on a date).  The two are very different.  If the block is sold out, the reserved rate can be adjusted later by the meeting planners, but if the hotel is sold out, there obviously aren't any rooms at any price.

From: John DAmbrosia [mailto:jdambrosia@FORCE10NETWORKS.COM]
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 9:55 AM
Subject: [HSSG] July Plenary Hotel Status


I have been in touch with Face To Face to find out more regarding the hotel situation.  Apparently more rooms were added, and weren’t showing up online, but were available when the hotel was contacted directly.  At this time it is not clear if these additional rooms have been sold out or not.  


Attendees are recommended to book in at the Hyatt for the days they can at the rate and if necessary the additional days at what ever price you can. Please then send an email to and include their name, reservation number and dates they have the non-group rate.


Anyone who contacts the Hyatt directly and are told there are no rooms, please send an email to the reflector to let all know.