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[HSSG] Resend: [HSSG] The List

I am trying to learn a little more about this, and I find your statement in  one of your  
note a bit surprising.  You state:
"Regarding 100G performance vs cost, the argument supporting 100G is not performance/cost because in the core/WAN, the ability to aggregate multiple 10G channels into a single channel is paramount and cost is not. If you have 40Km of fiber in the ground, digging a new trench and running 9 more fibers is not a likely scenario and you can accommodate a reasonably  high cost for that performance level."
I do not see how aggregating multiple 10G channels into a single logical channel
is relevant to supporting multiple 10G physical channels in a more compact
format, either through DWDM, higher bandwidth channels, or ribbon fibers.  In most
present cases, the first thing the programmers do to a single logical channel is
cut it apart into multiple virtual channels for traffic management purposes
I would expect that trend to continue on a high bandwidth backbone.  Instead,
your scenario argues for higher single serial performance in a single fiber as well
as DWDM into the same fiber.  In no case does there appear to be a compelling
argument for creating a single logical image (or single MAC) for this scenario, but
rather  this argues for a study of interesting physical layer options combining  
multiple 10, 20, or 40 Gb/s   single-lane serial ports, each providing a complete  
single logical channel.
The place where a single logical image IS important is in transferring information
to/from an end-point.  And it is precisely that environment that is extremely cost sensitive.
It requires high degrees of integration, which argues for something on the order of
25 to 40 Gb/s to allow a single serial path (or at worst, a very undesirable narrow
parallel-serial path) to be supported from the sourcing NIC chips.  And of course,
such a higher bandwidth single serial path would also be convenient for packing into
a single fiber using DWDM as a component of a  core path.
Could you provide some pointers to HSSG work that demonstrates the necessity
that the 100G core path be a single logical channel (a single MAC)?
Robert Snively