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Re: [HSSG] fault signalling


While such signalling might be a "good idea", we have no expectation of 
standardizing regenerators or transponders in this project. Thus any 
signals that we define would only be appropriate in the context of our 
single hop environment. If you want anything beyond that then you would be 
in the realm of "OTN compatibility" and you should probably get some other 
standards organization to say "please use this code set" in the realization 
that the information will disappear when the data traverses a MAC.

Geoff Thompson

At 01:43 PM 9/17/2007 , Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
>I am very interested in having new HSSG standard implement some kind of 
>signalling equivalent to AIS, RDI etc which is present in SONET/SDH and 
>which is very useful for fault-finding i WAN/DWDM applications where 
>regenerators or transponders are used to indicate where the fault might be.
>Is it too early in the process to start discussing this? Since symbol and 
>bit encoding is being discussed. I am under the impression that one could 
>use non-data symbols out of 64b/66b to handle some of the signalling, thus 
>I wanted to ask this early on in case this is the proper time, or if it 
>should be done later.
>I have quite a few ideas about what could be included, even if it's said 
>to be optional to include (I don't know how this is usually done).
>I am willing to try to put together a more structured list of suggestions 
>if it's deemed appropriate at this time.
>Mikael Abrahamsson    email: