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[HSSG] Loss Dispersion and Skew Spreadsheet

Title: Loss Dispersion and Skew Spreadsheet


During the discussion following the presentation of anslow_01_0907.pdf in Seoul, it was suggested that it might be useful to include the calculation of skew variation in a revised version of the fibre characteristics spreadsheet:

Please therefore find attached a draft spreadsheet which attempts to do this.


There are a number of changes proposed compared to version 2.0:

Where choices are made between fixed alternatives this is done via an in-cell dropdown.

The worksheet is locked except for the input cells.  Use Tools, Protection, Unprotect sheet to unlock (no password needed)

The equations for dispersion, relative delay and loss have been made into user defined functions to make future modification of the worksheet easier.

The curves of loss, dispersion and delay have been moved on to a separate sheet (Functions)

The revision history has been captured on a separate sheet (Rev)

This version only covers 4 channels of WDM.  If other numbers of WDM channels emerge as we go forward, additional sheets can easily be added to cover them.

It is my intention to discuss whether this version (with any corrections if necessary) should be added to the Tools page at the Atlanta meeting.


Pete Anslow

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