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[802.3BA] Baseline Proposals

802.3ba Members,
As we develop baseline proposals in advance of the upcoming January Interim, I would request that you consider the following;
a) Support 40G and 100G in a clean, scaleable way that allows a dual speed implementation with minimal excess logic.
b) Support interface widths and speeds that are readily adaptable.
c) Support a means for connecting 40G equipment to 40/100G in a way that the 100G can automatically detect and dropping speed.
d) Contemplate future scalability because Ethernet is not going to stop at 100G.
Our customers are going to be put into a situation where they will end up having 40G gear and 100G gear in their networks. Whatever we can do to ensure they do not end up having to throw some of that away for lack of compatibility/adaptability would be a service to them, and thus, to ourselves.

Dan Dove

Principal Engineer, LAN PHY Technology
Dove Networking Solutions - Serving ProCurve