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[802.3BA] Task Force Friday Meeting

Dear Task Force Members,

As discussed at the end of today’s meeting, Friday we will begin our meeting in Mount Hood at 8:30am.  Given the lengthy discussion today, some presentations originally intended for Thursday are being presented on Friday.  Below is the updated list of presentations for Friday.  Please note that the order of presentations and times listed are subject to change.



8:30 AM              Opening comments     

8:35 AM              Hideki Isono -Power budget estimation using DML for 10km & 4km reach in 100G SMF transmission - isono_01_0108.pdf

8:55 AM              John Johnson - 4x25G SMF Optics: Channel Spacing Considerations - johnson_01_0108.pdf

9:25 AM              Chris Cole - 100GE 10km SMF Power Budgets - cole_03_0108.pdf

9:40 AM              Chris Cole - 100GE 40km SMF Technology Limitation - cole_02_0108.pdf

10:10 AM            Break                         

10:30 AM            Rich Mellitz - IEEE802.3ap Jitter Specification Is Sufficient And Inclusive of Package Crosstalk for IEEE802.3ba Systems - mellitz_01_0108.pdf

10:50 AM            Chris DiMinico - 802.3ba Cu specifications - diminico_01_0108.pdf

11:20 AM            Alan Flatman - Data Centre Link Survey - flatman_01_0108.pdf

12:00 PM            Lunch                         

1:00 PM              Scott Kipp - High Speed Ethernet Link Loss - kipp_01_0108.pdf

1:30 PM              Discussion, Motions    

3:00 PM              Break                         

3:20 PM              Discussion, Motions, Closing Business                         

5:00 PM              Adjourn


We will adjourn at 5:00pm tomorrow.  


Best Regards,