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[802.3BA] REMINDER [802.3BA]: 40GbE SMF Ad Hoc - LAST teleconference

I've just realized that the email below bounced back as the attachment
was exceeding 500k.

I split the presentation in two parts which I am now sending separately.
Part I is attached here.
I will follow with part 2 in a separate email.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alessandro Barbieri (abarbier) 
> Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 5:13 PM
> Subject: REMINDER [802.3BA]: 40GbE SMF Ad Hoc - LAST teleconference
> Dear members of the 802.3ba Task Force,
> tomorrow morning at 8am PT we will hold the closing meeting 
> of the 40GbE SMF Ad-Hoc. There will be only one presentation 
> summarizing the work of the ad-hoc group and then we'll 
> verify if we have consensus on a recommendation to present to 
> the Task Force during the March meeting.
> The wrap-up presentation is attached to this email. If there 
> will be any change before tomorrow morning, I'll circulate a 
> new version, but I wanted to get this out ASAP to give 
> everyone as much time as possible to review.
> If you are planning to participate to the teleconference 
> please take a moment to read the IEEE patent policy available 
> here: 
> Thanks,
> Alessandro
> ps
> The teleconference information is reported here for your convenience:
> Meeting ID:              17136189
> Global Access Numbers:
>     US/Canada:  +1.866.432.9903    United Kingdom:   +44.20.8824.0117
>     India:      +91.80.4103.3979   Germany:          +49.619.6773.9002
>     Japan:      +81.3.5763.9394    China:            +86.10.8515.5666
> Join the Web & Voice Conference*
> 1. Go to
> 2. Fill in the My Name is field then click Attend Meeting
> - If you have a CEC User ID, click on the Cisco icon
> - Accept any security warnings you receive and wait for the 
> Meeting Room to initialize** 3. Click on CONNECT from the 
> Meeting Room to join the Voice Conference portion of the meeting
> - Note: Guest users will see a link to the Global Access Numbers.
> *If this is your first time attending a Web Conference, 
> disable any pop-up blockers and visit 
> sp to test your web browser for compatibility with the Web Conference.
> **The meeting will not start until the Host of the meeting 
> arrives - if you'd like to start the meeting with your 
> Profile, please review the steps below to attend a Voice Only 
> Conference as a Guest then follow the system prompts.