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Re: [802.3BA] Longer OM3 Reach Objective

In my nieve planning for our data center our working assumption
is that 100M will cover 95% of our links.  The other 5% would
have to be covered by SM fiber runs.  Has there been a cost
analysis between the MM optics at 100M and 300M as well as
SM optics at 10K?  Is a 300M MM approaching the cost of 10K

As with any deployment, each site is different but having
the cost factors will allow each site to determine if the 
cost savings (and having to use SM in the 100M+) of a shorter
reach are real or fictitious.

The worst case scenario is most of the runs are > 100M but
that is not the case for us.  That does sometimes mean we
have to place equipment carefully though.

Best Regards,
Brent Draney