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Re: [802.3BA] baseline selection deadline


Thank you for the email.  Let me try and cover the different options and paths that this may go.


In regards to your question regarding schedule, first let me say that I was pleasantly surprised by the tremendous progress that the Task Force made during the Munich meeting, as demonstrated by the number of base proposals adopted.  With that said, the explanation that I have provided in regards to the timeline is that baseline decisions would start in July, and I did not think that we would be able to resolve everything in one meeting cycle, and would need the September meeting cycle to finalize the baseline proposal adoption process.  With the progress made by the Task Force in May, it is my hope that the Task Force will resolve the remaining baseline proposals in July.  This would enable the Task Force to focus in September in getting a baseline draft adopted.


Given that the ad hoc is considering various options, I will need to provide answers for the different scenarios.  As I outlined in, it appears that there are three general routes that the ad hoc might choose in forming a proposal:


1)       handle extended reach in some sort of informative manner

2)       modify the existing solution in some manner

3)       propose a new objective that enables a second solution


Based on the Munich meeting and subsequent ad hoc calls, it is my opinion that at this time that no one is proposing that a new objective be added.  Instead, my understanding of the proposals given to the ad hoc is that they have focused on handling the issue in some sort of informative manner (jewell_xr_01_0508 – proposes “modest tightening of Tx specs” for extended reach beyond the 100m reach specifications) or by adding some feature, such as optional CDR’s, EDC, or FEC.  If the issue were handled by Jack’s proposal in an informative manner, it would seem that could be handled in the September time frame  by adding notes to proposed text related to Petar’s baseline proposal (though final #’s might be left as TBD at that time to allow further work into what the actual values should be).  Optional CDR’s, EDC, or FEC could be a new feature, which could be added as late as Jan 2009 per the schedule.  The September timeframe brings an interesting challenge.  As I pointed out, it is my hope that we will resolve the remaining baseline proposals in July, which would give a meeting cycle for generation of proposed text, which gives us the September meeting to go through the proposed text and adopt our baseline draft.  If an informative annex were proposed by the ad hoc as the way to address this problem in September, it would be useful to have accompanying proposed text to go along with it, as some might want to see proposed text (as opposed to a blank section with just a heading on it) before adopting the baseline draft.  


Hopefully I have covered all of the different options and paths that this may go.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to follow-up.










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Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 10:32 AM
To: John DAmbrosia
Subject: [802.3BA] baseline selection deadline


Hi John,
As you know the extended reach ad-hoc formed at the May interim meeting has been holding teleconferences with the objective of examining options for enhancing reach over multimode fiber.  The ad-hoc has received contributions that examine the technologies, interoperability and system vendor preferences.  We are presently compiling a matrix that will allow a side-by-side assessment of the options to help with selection.  To that end the ad-hoc could use more input from system vendors.  

It is likely that by the July meeting we will have a well vetted comparison matrix, but not have distilled a recommendation.  Some ideas were floated that would subject these options to polls of the attendees in July.  The outcome of these polls could either indicate the task force is ready to make a decision, or that more work is needed.  

In case the latter is the result, I request your guidance on timing.  I see from the May meeting agenda that baseline selection is slated to continue thru the September meeting.  From this I would conclude that selection of an extended reach solution is not required at the July meeting, but must be competed by the September meeting in order to stay on schedule.  Is this also your interpretation and intent?  Do you foresee or prefer other paths to completion?

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