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[802.3BA] REMINDER: Attendance Sign-in for July 2008 Plenary

Subject: REMINDER: Attendance Sign-in for July 2008 Plenary

During the July 2008 IEEE 802 Plenary Session all working groups will require members to sign into the IMAT Attendance application using their IEEE Web Account.

If you plan to attend the IEEE 802.3 Working Group plenary, please read this important message regarding IEEE Web Accounts and the IMAT attendance application. New and updated information is included in this reminder.

You must have an IEEE Web Account to log your attendance in the Attendance Tool in Denver. Please establish your web account prior to the attending the plenary session. Note that an IEEE Web Account is not the same account that you used to register for the plenary session. Also note that you do not need to be an IEEE member to establish an IEEE Web Account.

Do you have an IEEE Web Account?

if NO:
PLEASE CREATE A WEB ACCOUNT by going to the following URL:
and follow the instructions to create new web account.

if YES:
If you have an IEEE Web Account and you remember your username & password, please use this information to log your July 2008 IEEE 802 Plenary Session attendance.

If you think you may have an IEEE Web Account but you don't remember the specifics of how to access it: please contact Christina Sahr at c.sahr@xxxxxxxx) for help in reconnecting. If you remember your username but just need to RESET YOUR PASSWORD please got to:

It is essential that you keep the contact information in your web account up to date. Under the IMAT attendance systemm, the Working Group database will be derived from the contact information entered in your web account. To become a voting member, and to maintain voting membership, you are required to maintain current contact data in the Working Group database.

A brief overview of how to use the IMAT attendance application will be provided at the IEEE 802.3 opening plenary.

In parallel with this trial run of the attendance application, the IEEE 802.3 attendance books will be circulated as normal and will serve as the basis for the official attendance record for the meeting.

Thank you,

Adam Healey
IEEE 802.3 Working Group Secretary