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Re: [802.3BA] XR ad hoc Phone Conference Notice


At 09:58 AM 7/11/2008 , Paul Kolesar wrote:
To be completely clear,
I am advocating retention of the 100m objective and the development of a longer reach solution.

for which the "Broad Market Potential"
will be 10 - 15% of the 100 meter PHY
( conclusion drawn from data presented in this thread )

on a project that we felt we "had to do" to fully serve our market
BUT for which most had significant misgivings about the total size of the market.

We currently have fully approved objectives for the PAR in hand.
One of the issues learned from 10Gig was that we did too many PHYs.

Any objective for an additional PHY should be subject to the full scrutiny of the 5 Criteria
especially in the areas of Broad Market Potential and Economic Feasibility.


Geoff Thompson