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[802.3BA] MMF Extended Reach conference call reminder

as proposed during the Ad-Hoc report by John Petrilla at the TF meeting in Denver (, we are planning another conference call this Thursday, July 24th 8.30am pacific, to continue the selection process among the remaining proposals on the table (internal CDR, enhanced TX spec and light-weight EDC) and to discuss the best way to add XR to the standard.

Below are the bridge information.

Anyone wishing to present, please follow the guidelines described on the Procedure for Presenters web page:

If you are planning to participate to the teleconference please take a moment to read the IEEE patent policy available here:



Alessandro Barbieri has invited you to a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Reservationless Conference

Meeting ID:              17136189

Global Access Numbers:

    San Jose, CA: +1.408.525.6800  RTP:              +1.919.392.3330      
    US/Canada:  +1.866.432.9903    United Kingdom:   +44.20.8824.0117
    India:      +91.80.4103.3979   Germany:          +49.619.6773.9002
    Japan:      +81.3.5763.9394    China:            +86.10.8515.5666


EXTERNAL ATTENDEES - Outside the Cisco Intranet
Join the Web & Voice Conference*
1. Go to
2. Fill in the My Name is field then click Attend Meeting
- If you have a CEC User ID, click on the Cisco icon
- Accept any security warnings you receive and wait for the Meeting Room to initialize**
3. Click on CONNECT from the Meeting Room to join the Voice Conference portion of the meeting
- Note: Guest users will see a link to the Global Access Numbers.

*If this is your first time attending a Web Conference, disable any pop-up blockers and visit to test your web browser for compatibility with the Web Conference.
**The meeting will not start until the Host of the meeting arrives - if you'd like to start the meeting with your Profile, please review the steps below to attend a Voice Only Conference as a Guest then follow the system prompts.