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[802.3BA] FW: P802.3av WG Ballot reminder

I am forwarding this reminder onto the Task Force, especially those individuals who have just gotten 802.3 voting rights.  As a reminder, to remain a voter, you must participate in Working Group ballots.  Note - you can be dropped for lack of participation.


John D'Ambrosia
Chair, IEEE P802.3ba "40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s" Task Force

-----Original Message-----
From: Glen Kramer [mailto:glen.kramer@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 7:27 PM
To: Glen Kramer
Subject: P802.3av WG Ballot reminder

Dear IEEE 802.3 voting members,

This is a friendly reminder that the Initial Working Group Ballot for IEEE P802.3av/D2.0 10Gb/s Ethernet Passive Optical Networks closes in two weeks, on August 25th, 2008. Remember that voting as well as attendance is a requirement to maintain your IEEE 802.3 member (voter) status.

A few thoughts on abstentions claiming lack of expertise. While the majority of the new material introduced by the IEEE P802.3av project falls into the PHY clauses, some necessary changes were also added to the management and MAC Control sublayers. (MAC Control changes were for multi-point operation and also some broader changes to allow organizationally-defined MAC Control messages.) Whether you are a protocol expert, a management expert, a PHY expert, a FEC expert, or an optics expert, you will be able to find some material dear to your heart.

The IEEE P802.3av task force took special care to explain in greater detail any EPON-specific feature, so that no special knowledge, beyond the knowledge that IEEE 802.3 voters already have, would be necessary to review the 10G EPON specification. You don't need to be an EPON expert to understand the IEEE P802.3av draft, but you will become one after you read it.

I am looking forward to your returned ballots.

Glen Kramer
Chair, IEEE P802.3av "10GEPON" Task Force