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Re: [802.3BA] 802.3ba XR ad hoc next step concern

Message text written by INTERNET:PKOLESAR@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>Thanks for the additional analysis.... That analysis adjustment misses a
major point, which is that one must treat the C-A subsystem separately from
the A-D and D-C subsystems.  They serve different purposes, just as
horizontal cabling in office buildings serves a different purpose than
backbone cabling.<

Hello Paul,

I disagree with you. The HSE MMF solution must support all C-A links that
are not supportable by copper plus some that are supportable by copper, by
choice. The same solution must also support A-D and D-C links up to its
reach limit. I see 1/3 C-A links under 10m using my survey data. The data
centre is not the same as the commercial office where we use copper for the
horizontal, mostly MMF for the building backbone and increasingly SMF for
the campus backbone, due to bandwidth and reach requirements.

Best regards,   Alan