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Re: [802.3BA] 40G CMOS Ref



I have interest to understand this as well. I feel the laser driver doesnot have to be CMOS such as in 10G for better performance.   


I think what in Matt’s slides actually talking about the high-speed driver portion of the CDR, which indicated in its Ref.1 of pg.11 by Toifl. Here is what I can find from google search for this Ref.  



12.3 A 72mW 0.03mm2 Inductorless 40Gb/s CDR in 65nm SOI CMOS

9:30 AM

T. Toifl, C. Menolfi, P. Buchmann, C. Hagleitner, M. Kossel, T. Morf, J. Weiss,

M. Schmatz

IBM, Rueschlikon, Switzerland

A quarter-rate CDR circuit is based on a dual-loop approach where sampling phases are

generated by a phase-programmable PLL that is controlled by a digital DLL.

Implemented in 65nm SOI CMOS, the chip occupies 0.03mm2 and consumes

1.8mW/Gb/s. Measurements confirm 40Gb/s operation with a BER <10-12 at a maximum

frequency-offset of 400ppm. The phase relation between data and edge samples can be

programmed within ±0.1UI.


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I looked at reference on page 8 Yagisawa-san's paper title "Compact 40-Gbit/s Electroabsorption Monolithically
Integrated DFB Laser (EML) Module with a Driver IC for Very Short Reach Application".  The EML driver
IC is not described in this paper, but to drive an EML I expect the driver IC to be either in InP or SiGe.

Based on this driver data how did you arrive at the following statement on page 11 "40 Gb/s Driver Output Waveform In
65 nm Standard CMOS"?  You are using InP or SiGe driver performance as proof that 40Gb/s is possible in
65 nm CMOS!


Matt Traverso wrote:



The reference for page 11 is the same as the reference on page 8 -- Yagisawa-san's paper.  My apologies that this was not clearer in the presentation.



On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 3:14 PM, Ali Ghiasi <aghiasi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I was reviewing your presentation from Denver traverso_02_0708.  On page 11 you show an eye diagram
under sub-title "40Gb/s Driver Output Waveform in 65 nm standard CMOS", I assumed the reference for
this eye diagram was included in one of the 3 reference listed on this page.  Can you please provide the
supporting material for reference eye diagram.