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[802.3BA] IEEE[802.3BA] Discussion on 40G for => 10 km SMF

All -
the need for 40 GbE - 10km interfaces was stated several times 
which should be true for data centers as well as for operator networks.
However, in such environments it is important to have technologies which
need to scale to terabit systems. See e.g. bechtel_01_0307.pdf from Yahoo
for current data centers with too many paths and cables.
From an operator point of view we need interfaces that allow the techno-economic
scalability of data centers and telecommunication networks. This scalability is related
to the whole systems including the interfaces only as one part.
So it seems that the market may not accept the best interfaces, but may be the best
system solutions. E.g. it also includes the best utilization and reduction of paths and
Therefore we would still prefer a serial solution. However, we believe that a 40GbE-10km
interface is needed and the baselines have to be agreed on the next IEEE802.3ba meeting
In conclusion,
the 40GbE - 10km objective is necessary and a baseline has to be adopted on the next
IEEE802.3ba meeting, so we will constructively support the baseline finding process
Ralf, Dirk, ...