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[802.3BA] September Interim Meeting Materials Uploaded

Dear Task Force Members,

Presentations for the September Interim Meeting of the IEEE 802.3ba Task Force have been uploaded to the Task Force website.  Materials have been uploaded to the public and private area. 


For the general meeting material please see


The proposed text for the three 40GBASE-LRx proposals has been placed in the private area.  Please note that the three proposed texts are posted for your review only, and the proposed texts should not be copied or redistributed to others in violation of document copyrights.  In addition, Wael Diab, the 802.3WG Vice Chair, will be giving a tutorial, entitled “Comments and Comment Entry Tool.”  Wael will educate the TF on the comment process and tool.  The comment tool has been uploaded to the private area. If you are attending the meeting, please take the time to install the tool prior to the meeting, so you will be able to use it during the tutorial.


The top priorities for the meeting will include the review of Draft 0.9 and resolution of the baseline proposal for the 40G >= 10km SMF objective.  As discussed on the reflector today, the meeting has been organized to see if the TF can resolve the baseline proposal for the 40G >= 10km SMF objective prior to starting the review of Draft 0.9.  Therefore, we will hear all of the 40G >=10km presentations on Tuesday and hear any motions for this objective on Wednesday morning.  For more detailed information on the meeting, please see the Agenda and General Information slide set (  Per the adopted TF schedule, we are to generate D1.0 out of this meeting and begin TF review.  We have a lot of work this week to do in order to make that happen.


I look forward to seeing everyone in Seoul, and wish everyone safe travels.


Best Regards,


John D’Ambrosia

Chair, IEEE P802.3ba “40Gb/s and 100 Gb/s Ethernet” Task Force