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[802.3BA] Attendance records at Seoul meeting


In Seoul, and moving forward, we will gather only two records of 

[1] The attendance tool formerly known as IMAT
[2] A Task Force attendance books

The attendance tool formerly known as IMAT will be the only official 
record for attendance for building and maintaining Working Group 
membership. A participants web account information will be the only 
official record for contact information - which can be updated at any time 
by the participant as needed - this of course has the advantage of not 
being subject to errors in spelling or misreading handwriting.

The Task Force attendance books will be very similar to the IEEE 802.3 
attendance books, 

The difference however there will be one copy specific to each Task Force. 
This will be slightly more important than the sign up sheets used in the 
past as they will be the backup should there be an issue with the 
attendance tool.

The Attendance Tool server is [ ask your Task Force chair ]

This server is not local to the meeting site, thus an active internet 
connection is required to use it. Since network access is not always 
guaranteed, we will use the Task Force attendance books as back-up.

Participants must have an IEEE Web Account to use the tool. A tutorial 
with instructions on how establish a Web Account and use the tool has been 
posted to:

Christina Sahr will be on site to support participants with Web Account 
and Attendance Tool issues. She has a desk outside the Topaz room and also 
can be contacted through email at <c.sahr@xxxxxxxx>.

Some points of emphasis:

a) Your login is the primary e-mail address specified in your IEEE Web 
Account. The first time you login to the system, you will be asked to 
create a password. This password only applies to this meeting week, and it 
does not have to be your IEEE Web Account password. Use the same login and 
password throughout the meeting week.

b) Similar to the books, you need to login once per meeting day. Login for 
each day will only be allowed between 8 am and 7 pm local time.

c) We have one 1-day interim, one 3-day interim, and three 4-day interims 
during the meeting week. Since attendance at individual meetings is not 
tracked by the attendance tool, we will grant full meeting credit to any 
participant who signed into the attendance tool 3 days, which would be >= 
75% of all interims of two or more days in duration. Participants must 
also properly declare affiliation to receive meeting credit.

*** Please note that the attendance tool will display a calculated 
percentage based on the 5 day meeting week. Please disregard this 
calculation ***

e) It is important to note that the primary e-mail address specified in 
your IEEE Web Account will be the address used to contact you regarding 
future meetings, Working Group ballots, and other essential 
correspondance. It is essential that you keep the IEEE Web Account 
information up to date.

Best regards,