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[802.3BA] Citation error in mori_01_0908


I made an error in my graphing on slides 14-16 of "mori_01_0908" which I heard was pointed out in the meeting yesterday.  I labeled the 10GbE LR cost curve as being sourced by Lightcounting -- it was instead sourced from Ovum-RHK data.

I had both sets of data located on adjacent rows -- when I clicked on the "name" of the row I must have clicked on the wrong row.  The values for 2005 - 2007 are identical to two decimal places in relative terms.  The 2004 data is 0.16 rather than the 0.14 which was shown.  Please see the attached image which shows the graph from slide 14 modified to include both Lightcounting and Ovum-RHK historical data on the 10GbE LR costs.

As you can see, this mis-labeling on our part does not at all affect the facts in question -- 40GbE serial is in position to be the lowest cost at the time of standardization and it will clearly be the lowest cost PMD approach for 40GbE 10km SMF going forward

I intend to submit a corrected file for uploading to the website after confirmation with the other authors.

thank you for your patience

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