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[802.3BA] 802.3BA Test Patterns

Dear Task Force Members,

I am planning on hosting a conference call next Friday, 11/21 at 9am PST
to discuss test patterns. Right now in Draft 1.0 (plus the resolved
comments) we have the following test patterns defined in the PMA on a
per physical lane: Square wave (8 1's followed by 8 0's) and a PRBS31
pattern. Many have also asked for a shorter PRBS pattern. Suggestions
have been: PRBS9, PRBS7 or a manufactured pattern. 

This will be a TBD in draft 1.1. The purpose of the meeting will be to
work towards a consensus position for comment resolution in January. If
you would like to attend this meeting, please let me know and I will add
you to the invite. 

Thanks, Mark Gustlin