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[802.3BA] Announcing IEEE P802.3ba D1.2 Availability

Dear IEEE P802.3ba Task Force Participants,

This is to announce that IEEE P802.3ba Task Force Draft 1.2 is available for download. Two versions of the document have been uploaded: a “clean” version and a version with change bars.  The  “clean” version of the document will be forwarded as the pre-view draft to the IEEE 802.3 WG by Monday, March 2, 2009.


Per the IEEE 802.3 Operating Rules, Section 2.8.2 Draft Standard Balloting Requirements:


Before a draft is submitted to WG letter ballot it shall in addition have met the following requirements:

b.       It must be made available for pre-view by the membership by the Monday prior to the plenary week. If any changes are made to the draft after the draft was made available for pre-view the textual changes shall be presented for review during the closing plenary immediately prior to the vote for approval to go to WG ballot.


As noted above, any changes to the preview draft (Draft 1.2) must be presented for review during the closing plenary immediately prior to the vote for approval to go to WG ballot.  This means that if the TF decides to make any changes to Draft 1.2 during the Plenary TF meeting, the editorial team must create a new draft, so that the changes can be reviewed in front of the WG at the closing IEEE 802.3 WG plenary.  Therefore, to minimize changes to the preview draft, comments submitted by Task Force participants against IEEE P802.3ba Task Force Draft 1.2 should be focused on technical completeness..  The deadline for submitting comments is Thursday February 26, 2009. 


The Task Force should also plan on considering feedback from IEEE 802.3WG members on the preview draft during the IEEE P802.3ba March Plenary meeting, as it may impact individual WG participants’ decision on how to vote regarding the approval of the IEEE P802.3ba draft going to WG ballot.  As a reminder, the motion to request working group ballot is a WG motion, which is a technical motion and will require greater than or equal to 75% at the IEEE 802.3 WG closing plenary to pass.


Therefore, the agenda for the March Plenary IEEE P802.3ba meeting will be to focus on preparations to request going to Working Group Ballot on Thursday at the closing Plenary of the IEEE 802.3 Working Group.  These preparations will include the following:

1.       Responding to any comments submitted by Task Force Members

2.       Responding to any comments received by Working Group Members, based on the preview copy that is circulated to the WG by March 2.


The P802.3ba/D1.2 draft includes the following clauses and annexes:


            Clause 1

            Clause 4

            Clause 30

            Clause 45

            Clause 69

            Clause 73

            Clause 74

            Clause 80 – 88 (new for IEEE P802.3ba 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet)

            Annex A

            Annex 4A

            Annex 69A

            Annex 69B

            Annex 83A, 83B, 83C (new for IEEE P802.3ba 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet)



The Project Authorization Request for this project is posted at:    


The Five Criteria responses for this project are posted at:   


The Objectives for this project are posted at:   



**** IEEE P802.3ba/D1.2 Instructions for accessing the draft and submitting comments follow.




Wednesday, February 11, 2009




Thursday, February 26, 2009





The draft is posted for your review for commenting purposes only, and neither the draft nor access information should be copied or redistributed to others in violation of document copyrights.  The draft may be downloaded at:   

            Login:     802.3ba

            Password: distributed at meetings – contact Chair (jdambrosia@xxxxxxxx)  if you need it.


Two versions of D1.2 have been uploaded, a clean version (

and a version with change-bars (  All comments should be made against the clean version.   


The draft files are posted in Adobe "pdf" document format and can be downloaded and printed if desired.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is available for free downloading from Adobe at:  


How to submit comments


Acceptable comment types:

E   = Editorial

ER = Editorial Required (Editorial comment that the commenter feels very strongly about)

T    = Technical

TR = Technical Required (Technical comment that the commenter feels very strongly about)


For further information regarding comments, please see:   


1. Prepare your comments in one of the following two ways:

a.   You are strongly requested to use the comment tool in the TF private area at the URL:  


      Username: 802.3ba

      Password: [PASSWORD]


      To use the tool, extract all components into a folder and do not move any component from that folder as this will cause the executable to not work correctly. The tool is: Comment_Tool_Generic_Solution.exe


      For further information on using the comment tool, please see   


 b.  To submit comments in text (ASCII) form, please use the form below.  This will make it possible for the editor to properly record and track all submissions. Make as many copies of the template as necessary and submit as an ASCII text file or as part of your e-mail. Please note that the ASCII method involves a manual transcription, hence you are recommended to check your comments to ensure accurate transcription when the comment file is made available.



CommentID: (Leave Blank)










CommentType: (E, ER, T, or TR)






--------------------end comment template------------------


2. Send your comments to jdambrosia@xxxxxxxx  and ilango.ganga@xxxxxxxx .

3. Paste into the subject line: “IEEE P802.3ba/D1.2 comments”



My thanks to Ilango and the Editorial Team for their fine work! 


Best regards,


John D’Ambrosia,

Chair, IEEE P802.3ba 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet Task Force

Email: jdambrosia@xxxxxxxx