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[802.3BA] Clause 87 & 88 Stressed Receiver Sensitivity Testing

Title: Reminder: New incubation effort: 40GE PMD  Friday @ 8am PT

Dear Task Force members,


In Quebec, when we resolved my comments #614 and #615 regarding stressed receiver sensitivity testing, I indicated far more work was likely needed to make the stressed receiver sensitivity testing viable.  After the meeting adjourned, I established with Pete Anslo that text for review would be created that contained no technical changes but pulled in all the LX4 text into clause 87 and into clause 88, where the appropriate exceptions would be made to the text as currently appear in Draft 2.0, subclauses 87.8.11 and 88.9.10. This is to be used as the starting point for any technical changes.


Jonathan King has volunteered to assist with the preparation of text for review.  The harder work shall be in devising a better approach to stressed receiver sensitivity testing.  Please contact Jonathan or me if you would like to join the technical effort.  Many who voiced interest in Quebec have already joined the effort.


In my opinion, stressed receiver sensitivity testing should be devised so that module vendors can prove they meet the standard, and so that system companies can qualify the modules as meeting the standard.  Modules vendors can test subcomponents, system companies should only need to test the module without disassembly.





Jeffery J. Maki,

Juniper Networks, Inc.