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[802.3BA] FEC Block synchronization


The text in of draft D2.0 for 802.3ba says:

"2) Evaluate parity for the potential block
i) If the parity does not match (i.e., the received parity does not match the computed parity),
shift candidate start by one bit position and try again."

Let us say first 2112 bits are received with a bad CRC. Now when 2113rd bit comes, Does the text suggest to recalculate CRC at this moment itself (taking 2113rd bit and previous 2111 bits) and similarly keep doing this at every bit received
(requiring a buffer of 2112 bits)


Does it suggest that 2113rd bit be ignored and receiver should wait for next set of 2112 bits to arrive before recalculating CRC?

In first case, descrambling and CRC calculation needs to be done for every bit received (seems like lot of work for hardware) but at the same time it would achieve synchronization much earlier than in second approach above.

Could someone please clarify in this.