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[HSSG] <HSSG-FO> Fiber Optic Ad Hoc Forming

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Fellow HSSG Members 
I have arranged a teleconference up for next Wednesday at 10:00 - 11:00am PDT. 

Toll Free: 1-866-448-1303

Toll: 1-763-315-6911

Call ID: 7851633

The Agenda will be to discuss the objectives of the HSSGFO Adhoc and plans for the upcoming Plenary in Dallas.

I look forward to hearing you at the teleconference. Please be prompt.

Below, I have the updated Adhoc Membership List. Please check it again to ensure I have your information correct.


Dan Dove

HSSGFO Adhoc Chair


First Last Email Time Zone GMT+
Thomas Fischer Europe -2
Gerard Kuyt Europe -1
Pete Anslow UK 0
David Cunningham UK 0
Petern Dartnell  UK 0
Piers Dawe UK 0
David Law UK 0
John Abbott Eastern 5
Menachem Abraham Eastern 5
Kamal Ali Eastern 5
Jose Castro Eastern 5
John Dambrosia Eastern 5
Jabulani Dhliwayo Eastern 5
Michael Frankel Eastern 5
Lisa Huff Eastern 5
Tremont Miao Eastern 5
Mark Nowell Eastern 5
Petar Pepeljugoski Eastern 5
Steve Swanson Eastern 5
Eddie Tsumura Eastern 5
Martin Carroll Central 6
John Dallesasse Central 6
Paul Kolesar Central 6
Rick Pimpinella Central 6
Jim Tatum Central 6
Alessandro Barbieri Pacific 8
Frank Chang Pacific 8
Chris Cole Pacific 8
Wael Diab Pacific 8
Daniel Dove Pacific 8
Marcus Duelk Pacific 8
Badri Gomatam Pacific 8
John Jaeger Pacific 8
Wenbin Jiang Pacific 8
Hong Liu Pacific 8
Jugnu Ojha Pacific 8
Sashi Patel Pacific 8
Scott Schube Pacific 8
Steve Song Pacific 8
Geoff Thompson Pacific 8
Schelto Vandoorn Pacific 8
Andy Moorwood amoorwood@EXTREMENETWORKS.COM N/A