Add a "post only" e-mail address to the reflector

  1. Please wait for the IEEE ListServ "Login Required" Web page to load in the frame on the right. This may take a few moments.

    Note: If this does not take you to the "Login Required" page hit the "Log off" link on the left side of the ListServ frame and then click of this link

  2. When the page has loaded, enter the E-mail Address you wish to be able to send from and its associated ListServ Password. Once these have been entered use the "Login without setting a cookie" button. [The normal "Login" will not work on most browsers due to their default settings and the use of cookies within farmes].

    Note: This may require the creation of a new login if you do not already have one for that e-mail address. Please use the "get a new LISTSERV password" link to create this login. Once this new login has been created please return to this page or click of this link to start again.

  3. The "Join or Leave the STDS-802-3-hssg List" web page should be displayed in the frame on the right.

  4. Enter you name in FirstName LastName format in the "Your Name:" field.

  5. Under "Acknowledgements" set the option as desired. Either 'No acknowledgements' or 'Short message confirming receipt' are recommended - since this is a post only e-mail address that is being set up remember any posts will be sent to your other subscribed e-mail address as well.

  6. Under "Miscellaneous" set the radio button for "Mail delivery disabled temporarily". This will prevent e-mail from being sent to this e-mail address making it a "post only" address.

  7. Finally press the "Join or Leave the STDS-802-3-hssg List" button. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address which once acknowledged will add this address to reflector.

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    Last Update: 21 Jul 06