Geneva Registration and Visa Information

Meeting Registration

There is no meeting fee, however, meeting registration for access to the ITU facilities is required.

- Online registration (IEEE 802.1/.3 + workshop):

If the company you work for happens to be an ITU-T Sector Member, Associate, or ITU Academia member you may enter that information (even though it is irrelevant as far as IEEE 802.1 or IEEE 802.3 meeting attendance is concerned), but you may also check “Other” if your company is not an ITU-T member or if you prefer not to say for the purpose of attending the IEEE meetings.

If you register for all three sessions, you may receive three badges.  The badges will be good for the entire meeting week. Your 802.3 badge will not give you access to the workshop. Please register for all meetings in advance. On-site registration during the week is possible, but will take additional time. It will not be possible to register for the workshop on the weekend, so make sure you have done so during the week.

Please contact Mr. Hiroshi Ota ( if you have questions.

Visa Invitation Information

- Invitation letter (Circular 54):

Contact information is contained in the visa request letter template.

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Last Update:  25 October 2017

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