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[802.3_MAINT] May 2015 meeting materials updated


We have received five additional comments after the close of the ballot. I have included those comments in the database and tagged them with the string "late". Updated comment reports that include proposed responses, one sorted by clause and the other by comment ID, have been posted and may be found using the following link.


Note that the proposed responses for multiple comments have been updated.

Four of the five late comments are on non-controversial topics such as matters of spelling, grammar, or editorial style and have been tagged with string "bucket". As a reminder, if there is a comment marked "bucket" that you feel should be explicitly considered by the ballot resolution committee (for example, due to an issue with the proposed response), please let me know and such comments will be removed from this category.

Also, a presentation related to comment i-67 has been received. I have posted this to the Maintenance Task Force public area.


Finally, two new maintenance requests (#1277 and #1278) have been received since the March 2015 meeting. These have been posted and may be found at the following link (among others).


The Maintenance Task Force meeting will begin at 9 am tomorrow (21 May) in the Greene/Franklin (17th floor).

Best regards,

Adam Healey
Chair, IEEE P802.3 (IEEE 802.3bx) Maintenance #11 (Revision) Task Force