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[802.3_MAINT] My Action Item for CR 1276

Rev Req 1276

GOT to draft changes to add "PoE" term and abbrev
to clause 33.1

Alsoput PoE into defs and abbrev

Due to Adam by Sept

Proposed changes to 802.3 in support of Change Request 1276

Part 2, Clause 33.1, Paragraph 1
This clause defines the functional and electrical characteristics for providing power over Ethernet (PoE) in twisted-pair systems. The system consists of two optional power (non-data) entities, a Powered Device (PD) and Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), for use with the MAU defined in Clause 14 and the PHYs defined in Clause 25 and Clause 40. These entities allow devices to draw/supply power using the same generic cabling as is used for data transmission.

Part 1, Clause 1.4
Insert new definition between 1.4.337 and 1.4.338 as follows:
(renumber remaining definitions as necessary)
1.4.339 Power over Ethernet (PoE): A system consisting of one PSE and one PD that provides power across a balance pair cabling link segment or link section.
(See IEEE Std 802.3, Clause 33.)

Part 1, Clause 1.5
Insert new abbreviation between "PMS-TC" and "ppd"
PoE Power over Ethernet