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[STDS-802-3-MAINT] 802.3cq adhoc files

All, the minutes for the first PoE Maintenance adhoc are posted in the adhoc area: Please take a moment to review as we will confirm them in the next adhoc meeting.



During the meeting, I realized that I didn’t establish a base doc for commenting. I extracted Clause 33 and the annexes from 802.3-2018. I do not yet have a private area for CQ so I posted the file in the BT private area. There is no visible link, so you will only be able to access it from the hyperlink below. This is a private area and therefore will require the username and password. You should know these.


One last reminder that we are accepting comments against the file above (be sure to use the document page number and not the file viewer page number – the doc starts at page 622. There are no line numbers). Comments are due October 21, 2018 11:59PM AOE.


If you have something you want to present at the next adhoc meeting on Oct 22, please send me a PDF by the end of the day on Friday Oct 19. I will post it over the weekend.





Chad Jones

Tech Lead, Cisco Systems

Retired Chair, IEEE P802.3bt 4PPoE Task Force

Acting Chair, IEEE P802.3cq Task Force

Principal, NFPA 70 CMP3


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