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Re: [8023-POEP] Liaison letter from IEC TC65/SC65C/JWG10 - Power over Ethernet performance in industrial environments


After examining the letter, I would assert that the P802.3at Task Force does not have the expertise to address all of the issues raised in the letter. In particular, question #2 lies fully outside the expertise of the Task Force and should be brought before the Working Group on Monday. I would guess that Q2 might more appropriately be assigned to either maintenance or to the copper sub-task force of 802.3ba for a response.

With respect to both questions, my guess is something more than just an anecdotal response should be considered. As such, it might be more appropriate to carry over the action item of a full response so that our members can gather up more information or (perhaps) solicit more specific failure information.

Best regards,

Geoff Thompson

On 6/1/09 4:09 AM, David Law wrote:

The IEEE 802.3 Working Group has received a liaison letter from IEC
TC65/SC65C/JWG10, Industrial process measurement, control and
automation/Industrial networks with respect to Power over Ethernet
performance in industrial environments.

I just wanted to inform you that I intend to delegate the generation of a
draft response to the IEEE P802.3at DTE Power Enhancements Task Force
during the plenary week in July. The draft response will be consider and
then voted upon at the closing IEEE 802.3 Working Group plenary as part of
the IEEE P802.3at closing report. You therefore may wish to review the
letter prior to the meeting, the letter can be accessed at the URL [

Best regards,
   David Law
   IEEE 802.3 Working Group Chair