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[8023-POEP] Future meetings



Last Thursday the 802.3 Working Group voted (Yes: 84, No: 0, Abstain: 0) to advance our draft 4.2 to RevCom for approval.  With this action, we are effectively done.  Unless some unusual circumstance should occur, we will hold no further Task Force meetings.  Previously I told you to hold August 20 as a potential meeting date, this is no longer necessary.  I wish to thank the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab for offering to host the meeting, but I am just as glad to not need to take them up on the favor.


Some of you may have been planning to attend a PoE Plus group test event the same week as the now unnecessary Task Force meeting; this event is unaffected by the cancellation of the Task Force meeting.  I am not promoting the UNH/IOL event; I just want to ensure that no one thinks there is any linkage between the TF’s failure to meet and UNH’s plans.







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