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Re: Technical Material for DTE Pwr via MDI

Geoff -

As the editor of the 802.9f document, I can assure you that while there was 
a straw poll taken related to some technical issued contained in it, it was 
not circulated for a successful ballot. The environment for this work was 
slightly different from the 802.3 work under consideration in that the 
powering was to provide for the circuit switched portion of 802.9 without 
the packet portion of the interface. That being said, it does however 
address in embryonic form the issues that need to be considered within the 
context of this group.

I'll see you in York.

Bob Bell
Cisco Systems Inc.

At 01:52 PM  9/23/99 , Geoff Thompson wrote:

>Among the technical activities that we will have to undertake in the DTE
>Pwr Study Group and the Task Force that will follow is a survey of the
>constraints to the problem we are trying to solve and a survey of proposed
>I am providing two documents in that context only.
>The first:
>P802.9f Draft 7
>Despite the documents finished appearance please do not consider this
>document in any other context than as offered above. To my knowledge there
>was never any formal balloting in 802.9 on the document. 802.9, the group
>and the project have both gone away. The 802.9f project was withdrawn and
>the PAR was cancelled. Most importantly, there was no systematic review of
>the document during its development by 802.3. It MAY have valuable
>material, but whatever is there has to be validated by our group in the
>context of our own problem. The document is retrievable from:
>The second:
>FDDI TP-PMD Annex I (informative)
>One of the major constraints on the generating a solution to the DTE power
>problem is the "common mode termination" of unused pairs that is commonly
>found on 100BASE-Tx implmentations (including 10/100). There is remarkably
>little on this in the standards literature. The one place where it shows up
>at all (and in rather minimal and unsatisfactory form) is the reference
>above.  The document is retrievable from:
>I expect both of these items to be useful during our technical discussions.
>I look forward to seeing you in York.
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Bob Bell
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