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DTE Power via MDI Plenary Meeting November 9 & 10, 1999


The November Plenary of 802.3 in Kauai is only a one week away. The primary
goal of this meeting is to complete and submit our Objectives. Once this is
done, we must define the problem space and constraints that we will be
operating under.  Before we can define our solution, we must be clear about
what we can and cannot do. Once we have created our constraints, we will
have presentations and compare ideas vs. objectives. Hopefully, we will
begin to see what shape our solution will take.

Since all presentations will be posted to the Website as PDF files, please
try to keep the file sizes as small as possible. Eliminating fussy
backgrounds and/or elaborate corporate formats will reduce the file size by
many megabytes.  Ideally, the presentation will fit on a single floppy disc.
If you have lots of graphics or charts that are integral to the
presentation, we'll work something out.

The Agenda for the meeting will be posted to the Website. Here is the
outline version.

IEEE 802.3 DTE Power via MDI Agenda
	* Welcome and Introductions
	* Select Recording Secretary
	* Review / Approve Agenda
	* Document Distribution
	* E-mail Reflector, Web Site, and Miscellaneous Information
	* Objectives for This Week
		1.) Revise Objectives from York Interim
		2.) Define Problem Space/Constraints
		3.) Compare Ideas Vs Objectives
	* Call for Patents
	* Presentations related to Objectives (Define Problem Space/Constraints)
	* Motions related to Objectives
	* Other Presentations
	* Long Term Timeline
	* New Business
	* Plans for January Meeting
	* Approve Minutes of York Meeting
	* Review New Action Items
	* Award for Best Hawaiian shirt
	* Adjourn

I look forward to seeing you on Kauai. To get in the spirit of the Islands,
we will have an award for the best Hawaiian shirt, so start digging out your


Steven B. Carlson
Co-Chair, ESTA Control Protocols Working Group
Chair, ACN Task Group
Chair, IEEE 802.3 DTE Power via MDI Study Group
ESTA Technical Standards
11929 NW Old Quarry Road
Portland, OR 97229
FAX 503.626.4206