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RE: Action_item_pinout

And we used to have a nice pile of non-functional Meridian phones that had
been plugged into POTS lines. ;-)  I think our objective to "do no harm"
will likely be mitigated with subjective judgment and consideration for the
most likely misconfigurations.

Bob Grow

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At 12:15 PM 11/24/99 -0800, you wrote:
>The Nortel Meridian phones use the same 4/5 pairs, in the same way, but the
>voltage is around 30 volts.
>The Meridian 4/5 pair have DC voltage which is symetrical about ground as
>opposed to the plain old telephone which is ground and -48v .

However, on a POTS line the 48V is current limited.  On some of the office
(I don't know about the Nortel Meridian) they are not current limited.
This was a
major problem with smaller form factor modems.

Scott Fritz

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